We want to give a huge thank you to our investors from the previous funding round! We are elated to have been worthy of your support, and the results are in. The independent double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials are now completed. Our successful trials have secured AllerPops as proven safe and effective for long-term allergy relief.

FDA Approved Ingredients


Allerpops is expertly formulated and fortified with FDA-approved ingredients to revolutionize allergy relief. Our innovative team has been persistent in addressing the underlying cause of allergic rhinitis (seasonal allergies).


Additional Highlights:


  • Protected by six U.S patents.
  • Supported by 28 years of biomedical research.
  • Confirmed effective by independent clinical trials and ten thousand user experiences.


The Problem and Our Solution


Current allergy medicines only mask the symptoms. Plus, chemically intensive medications are an inconvenience when taken daily. They act as a temporary fix, completely ignoring the root causes at work. Without updated allergy relief treatments, people will continue to suffer from worsening symptoms.


We believe that we will be a hugely valuable addition to the $18B American Allergy Market. Our all-natural oral prebiotic supplement promotes long-term relief: We pinpoint the root cause, balance the immune system, and significantly cut down dose usage.

It Takes a Community to Disrupt an Industry


We’re currently holding an equity crowdfunding raise on Wefunder. With your investment, we can fund our mission to help the 50M people that suffer from airborne allergies!


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Allerpops, and the amazing things we’re striving to accomplish!