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These conditions may worsen aireborn allergies: Food allergies. Especially wheat/gluten. Avoid those types of foods. Irritable bowl syndrome. Work with your doctor. Leaky gut AllerSips® View Product Improves nasal microbiota I have partial relief AllerPops® Gum for temporary relief View Product Sign up for updates We will keep you posted as new products and studies arise Sign up for Updates Use AllerSips® before AllerPops® Please make sure no excessive oral hygiene and no antibiotics View Product View Product

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Cliff Shunsheng Han, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Han, a biologist for 28 years and a former medical doctor developed AllerPops® (US Pat No._9,795,579).

The discovery started with his own family. From infancy, Dr. Han’s son had allergies. As a medical doctor, a biologist, and of course a father, he wanted to find a solution.  But how? The opportunity came when he developed his own allergies in 2014. He started to collect data on his allergic reactions. In the spring of 2017, he revealed the secret behind allergic reactions that nobody had discovered. The application of his newly found theory, AllerPops, relieved him and his family’s allergies shortly after.

Biological research was not new to Cliff when he began to study himself three years ago. He had been a biologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for 22 years, where he participated in the Human Genome Project, led a team to complete many hundreds of bacterial genomes, and authored more than 300 research papers.  Before that, he got his Ph.D. from Fudan University. He was trained as a medical doctor in college and worked in a hospital for many years.

“With purpose, simple things become enjoyable, and difficult things become opportunities to learn and overcome.”

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