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ACT Principles For Peace with Mother Nature

AllerPops products help the vulnerable. We have discovered that humans have probiotics in the mouth/airway and skin, which are vulnerable to personal hygiene. AllerPops’ products help you support good bacteria in the mouth and skin.

Communication starts with peacemaking. Probiotics release chemical signals to make our immune system peaceful, and the peace is for everyone, including pollen.

Team works together. The gut, airway, and skin immune systems work locally and help each other. Please keep all of them peaceful for your long-term health.

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Our bodies contain many types of bacteria, including “good” bacteria called probiotics. These probiotics safeguard our immune system from misfiring at the wrong time. However, our very clean modern lifestyles may be reducing these helpful bacteria, leading to what experts call “probiotic deficiency syndrome.” This shortage of good bacteria has been linked to allergies, food sensitivities, and autoimmune diseases.

Rates of these conditions have risen over time, leading some researchers to believe our ultra-clean lifestyles play a role. Our research shows that having too few probiotics that produce substances called short-chain fatty acids is key. These good bacteria keep the immune system from overreacting to things that can cause allergies or other immune reactions.

We think bringing probiotic levels back up could prevent or improve allergic and autoimmune conditions. Here’s a simple explanation:

– Probiotics are good bacteria that make substances to balance the immune system.

– Probiotic Deficiency Syndrome: Not having enough probiotics leads to an overactive immune system and conditions like allergies or autoimmune diseases.

– Prebiotics is the food for Probiotics that can only produce the beneficial substance when growing with sufficient nutrition.

Different probiotic deficiencies happen in different body areas: the mouth (leading to common allergies), skin (leading to skin and joint inflammation), and gut (leading to gut inflammation). Each area needs certain good bacteria – if they are lacking, local or body-wide problems can occur.

Symptoms range from hay fever and food allergies to asthma and autoimmune diseases depending on the deficiency. Diagnosis can be complex, but possible signs include eye irritation, runny nose, sneezing, fever, and muscle aches.

Treatment involves supporting regrowth of good bacteria through supplements and avoiding too much cleaning/sterilizing, especially in the mouth. A high-fiber diet also helps probiotics repopulate after infection or antibiotics.

Prevention through diet, supplements if needed, and not over-sterilizing is key to maintaining the delicate bacterial balance in the body – especially after events that can throw it off.
Keeping communities of good bacteria in balance is important for a functioning immune system. We can support this balance through our diets, moderate hygiene practices, and use of prebiotics.

At our company, we’re dedicated to enhancing wellness through innovative probiotic support. Our flagship products, AllerPops lozenges and AllerPaste toothpaste are expertly crafted to nourish oral probiotics with specially formulated prebiotic nutrients. In our commitment to natural health, we’re excited to announce the recently launched AllerKream skin prebiotic supplement, a groundbreaking product designed to care for skin probiotics. While you can source fiber-rich foods and supplements to support your gut probiotics from various providers, our focus remains on offering targeted, high-quality solutions for overall probiotic health.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that this information should not be considered a replacement for professional guidance. It’s always advisable to seek advice from a healthcare professional regarding health-related concerns.