Cliff Han, a biologist in Los Alamos, New Mexico, discovered the cause of allergies. The cause of allergic rhinitis is insufficient oral probiotics.

Journey to halt allergies leads to the Invention of AllerPops

One evening in March 2014, Los Alamos resident Cliff Han was attending a retreat and started to tear up during a talk.

He went outside for a break, but more tears arose accompanied by sneezing and tightness in the chest. He realized that the speaker did not cause him to tear with his moving story but the pollen from the surrounding trees did.

Until that time, Han had lived in Los Alamos allergy-free for 17 years. But those times were no more, and allergy suffering seemed endless. Han never thought allergies can be so painful.

So, began the journey to fight back.

This is a journey that would eventually lead to the invention of AllerPops. Han was at this point working as a biologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and had been a doctor in China.

How Do Common Allergies Develop?

Under healthy conditions, humans and bacteria living with humans have a peace agreement. Specifically, the good bacteria in the airway produce chemical signals to tell the immune system that they are not harmful. As a result, our immune system calms down and will not fight the beneficial bacteria. Because it is in a quiet mode, the immune system will not attack other things that are not dangerous, such as pollen.

Now the bacteria responsible for calming down the immune system is vulnerable to a lot of things. For example, antibiotics can kill or suppress the good bacteria to a low level. When suppressed, these good bacteria will not be able to produce enough peaceful signals to the immune system. The defense system becomes hypersensitive without sufficient signals from the good bacteria. Given enough time, the sensitive immune system will gradually produce successful antibodies against allergens, such as pollens, pet dander, and dust mites, to name a few.

The immune system starts battles or wars depending on the characters of the allergen and the quality of the antibodies against them. The fighting causes local or systematic inflammations. Consequently, the human host will experience mild or severe allergy symptoms.

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The most difficult symptom to deal with was his nose congestion, Han said. Many nights became sleepless ones. And even worse, his allergies grew from seasonal to year-long. He investigated what might be the cause of the allergies. Han said his surroundings remained relatively unchanged, so he reasoned it must have been something inside him that was the cause.

It must be an “inside job.”

Han listed things that might be to blame: food, weight, and his genes, to name a few. But the most drastic change he had made just before developing allergies was concerning his oral hygiene. Han said he figured the combination of excessive oral cleansing and antibiotics likely had changed his oral microbiota, leading to hypersensitivity of the immune system. As a result, Han made a hypothesis and laid out a research plan.

The start is simple, to collect samples and to wait.

Han began to collect samples of his saliva periodically, until spring 2017. The first episode of his year-long allergies lasted for a year and a half. Then his allergies ended in the summer of 2015 and became seasonal soon afterward.

While suffering from year-long allergies, Han experimented with refraining from oral hygiene practices for several weeks. Local moderate periodontitis developed as well as bleeding and gum recession, yet allergy symptoms persisted. Regularly brushing and flossing for two weeks healed the inflammation, while the allergy symptoms continued. Soon he settled into a routine of brushing his teeth once a day without toothpaste.

The false hope

He tested a small subset of saliva samples collected both before and after the summer of 2015 in a pilot study in early 2016. A discovery later deemed false indicated that several bacterial genera, which were relatively abundant in the later samples, were completely missing in “before” samples.

To trace the source of those bacteria, he asked his family to give saliva samples. Han sequenced these samples together with all collections of his own saliva in a second attempt and analyzed the data.

The results of analyzing data from all samples disproved the results from the pilot study. Further experimentation indicated something went wrong in the analyzing process of the pilot study. Han was disappointed and sat on the results for a couple of months.

most natural probiotic supplementsThe real clue is waiting.

Then he came back to the research, intending to close the research and see if there was anything he missed. Results from a group comparison showed that two bacterial genera became more abundant in saliva samples collected after summer 2015. These bacteria also were more abundant in his family members without allergies.

Han looked through the literature and found these bacteria can produce chemical signals to tell the immune system to calm down. Han had less abundance of these bacteria when his allergies were worse. Could this be the cause of his allergies?

The AllerPops solution.

Using these findings, Han developed a prebiotic mix, later named as AllerPops, in the form of candy. It contained different kinds of sugars, amino acids, and other nutrients, which intended to promote the growth of select bacteria. Han took the prebiotic mix several times a day in the middle of March 2017, at which time his allergies were the most severe. His allergy symptoms alleviated significantly, and he did not have to take any other medicine. However, this reprieve was temporary, and he had to take the mix several times each day for continued relief.

The miracle can still happen in this world!

Five days later, Han developed a fever, likely due to some sort of infection. His temperature was between 100-102०F. On the second day of the illness, he noticed that his tongue was completely red, and there was an absence of the usual biofilm. As a farmer standing in front of a burnt field, Han saw a unique opportunity for restructuring his oral microbiota. He took two pieces of the prebiotic mix as soon as his fever receded three days later. The next day his allergy symptoms were entirely gone for the season without the use of additional medicines or further applications of his prebiotic mix.

Han patented the recipe (US Pat No._9,795,579) and used it in producing AllerPops Prebiotic Lollipops.

“I hope it will help many people who are in a similar situation,” Han said.

Now thousands of people have used AllerPops. A survey, as shown below, indicates AllerPops is highly effective.

Some Amazon customers were so impressed with their results that they said they experienced a miracle after taking AllerPops.

Customers say AllerPops work greatly in relieving their allergies symptoms.

Research article

We have released the article describing the study that led to the development of AllerPops with the title of “Oral Probiotic Deficiency Causes Common Allergies – Theory of Negative Trigger Marks the Interaction between Microbiota and Host Immune System.” Click the button below to read it.

Customers say AllerPops work greatly in relieving their allergies symptoms.