What are the ingredients?


How long will the benefits of using AllerPops last?

If you maintain a moderate oral hygiene program with regular brushing and flossing, the benefits can last an entire season for most people. The results may last longer than a year for some.

How many lollipops are there in a box?

There are 12 lollipops in a box.

Why do AllerPops’ main ingredients seem to be sugar?

Those sugars are necessary prebiotics (food for good bacteria) used for producing the probiotics (good bacteria) that will lead to a healthier oral environment.

Can I take probiotic food, such as Kefir, while using AllerPops?

No, we suggest you do not consume probiotic foods while using AllerPops.

My allergies improved with the first several pops and then stopped improving as I continued the process. What should I do?

You may try one of the three suggestions or any combination of them:

First, You may use a more intensive procedure by sucking AllerPops for two hours during each use. That may need 2-3 pops.

Second, likely, your own beneficial microbiota power has plateaued. However, a healthy family member who is allergy free may provide a solution! That person can donate his or her healthy saliva by sucking on the next AllerPop for two minutes before you do. Weird? We know!  Go ahead and try it!

Third, you may reduce your oral hygiene routine in order to bolster your oral probiotics (good bacteria).

Follow this example of a reduced oral hygiene routine during your allergy season and while completing the use of AllerPops:

Monday, brush the left exterior surface.
Tuesday, brush the right exterior surface.
Wednesday, brush the left biting surface.
Thursday, brush the right biting surface.
Friday, brush the left interior surface.
Saturday, brush the right interior surface.
Sunday, floss all gaps.

*Toothpaste is optional. Warm water will provide better results. Please discuss with your dentist if you have special dental needs.

Should I continue to use peroxide?

No, peroxide is a strong antibacterial chemical that may suppress the oral beneficial bacteria promoted by AllerPops. We suggest not using it on a regular basis.

Should I continue using oils and mouthwash to control my gum inflammation?

We suggest you pause the use of oils and mouthwash while using AllerPops and avoid it altogether if possible.

*Note – Studies indicate that oversensitive immune systems may contribute to gum inflammation. There is a possibility that the benefits of AllerPops may contribute to the reduction of gum inflammation. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Do AllerPops provide any benefits to people who suffer from food allergies?

Possibly, depending upon what symptoms are presented by the food allergies. If your food allergies cause symptoms such as red lips and an itchy throat, then the AllerPops may be beneficial. If the food allergy symptoms cause discomfort in the gut or whole-body reactions, then the AllerPops are not likely to be much help to you.

Can I continue brushing my teeth with toothpaste on days that I’m not consuming the lollipops?


Should I stop flossing?

No, regular flossing is necessary for gum health.

Should I stop tongue scrubbing?

Yes, only scrub your tongue before consuming the AllerPop. Do not continue cleaning your tongue beside that.

I have been using saline solution. Should I stop?

Yes. Although you may feel better after using a saline solution, the process disturbs the natural environment of the nasal passageway. Specifically, it could wash out the probiotics (good bacteria) that are needed to create a balanced environment.

Can I take allergy medicine while taking AllerPops?

Yes, but once you start to experience positive results from using AllerPops, the medicine will no longer be needed.

What can I do to improve or extend the positive results of the AllerPops?

Avoid using oral antibiotics, additional tongue scrubbing and gargling with mouthwash, oil or hydrogen peroxide.