It is typical if you do not feel any changes after the first couple of pops. However, if you do not feel any changes after 6 pops, you may check if your oral cleaning is too much.

The most common reason for AllerPops not working is oral hygiene. The excessive oral routine may prevent AllerPops from working completely.

Most people who did not feel a change after AllerPops keep doing too much oral hygiene. AllerPops promote good bacteria. Oral hygiene removes them. During the time using AllerPops, you do not need extra oral hygiene, not on the day using the pop, nor on the day not using it. This will help the good bacteria to accumulate.

We suggest an oral hygiene routine after satisfaction with AllerPops to be brushing once a day to once a week and flossing less frequently. Better not use toothpaste. Do not clean tongue. Do not use mouthwash. Do not use Neti pot. Do not oil-pulling. Limit chewing gum.