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Win up to Millions of Dollars for You and Your Favored Charities

BAAA (Before And After AllerPops video) Award

A. Take a short video to record your experience with AllerPops.

We suggest you start before using AllerPops.

B. Share it online and send us the link together

with proof of purchase of AllerPops.

C. The submission is here.

Rules of the award-->

Rules for the BAAA Award

A. We will donate 5 dollars for each valid submission to

a charity you choose from the list.

B. We will donate $10 ($100, $1000...$1,000,000) dollars for

every 10 (100, 1000...1,000,000) new valid submissions

to a charity, the winner chooses the awarded charity from the list.

C. 50% of the award may go to the winner for prize > $101.

D. These rules are subject to change at the Company's discretion.

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