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AllerKream Skin Prebiotic Supplements for the Health of Skin, Joint, Muscle, and Prostate, 7 OZ


AllerKream is enriched with organic nutrients specially formulated to nourish skin-friendly bacteria. Much like oral probiotics, these skin probiotics produce substances that help soothe and regulate the immune system. This makes AllerKream particularly effective for managing common inflammatory conditions affecting the skin, joints, or muscles. Incorporate AllerKream into your daily routine to maintain healthy skin, using it consistently after each shower for optimal results. You may share this with your hairy friends if you bathe them often or if they have dry/irritated skin.


  1. Enhances the Skin Microbiome: AllerKream is designed to support your skin’s natural ecosystem. Strengthening the skin microbiome helps maintain the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria, ensuring your skin stays healthy and resilient.
  2. Promotes Probiotic Balance for Healthier Skin: Regular use of AllerKream aids in fostering a balanced probiotic environment on your skin. This equilibrium is crucial for skin health, helping to prevent irritation and promoting a smoother, more vibrant skin texture.
  3. Aids in Balancing the Immune Response Related to Skin, Joints, and Muscles: The unique formulation of AllerKream plays a crucial role in modulating the immune response associated with the skin, joints, and muscles. This can lead to reduced discomfort and a healthier, more comfortable body.
  4. Organic Odorless Ingredients for Naturally Fresh and Radiant Skin: Made with organic ingredients, AllerKream is not only gentle on your skin but also contributes to its natural radiance and freshness. These organic components ensure that your skin is nurtured in the most natural way possible.
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Love it or get your money back with our 30-day return policy.


  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Dimensions: 3 × 3 × 2 in

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    Omar (store manager)

    I’ve been using the toothpaste and cream daily. Interestingly I’ve stopped using any deodorant products and also stopped using soap while showing and have noticed no unpleasant odour whatsoever. I did not have an big odour problem previously but nonetheless it is a pleasant discovery.


    I tried some of the Allercream you gave us for samples here at FatPipe. I was having some hip pain, like it was bad enough to cause me to limp around. I used the cream for a few weeks after my showers. And shortly after I started using it, the pain went away. I am unsure if it was the cream or if the issue in my hip just went away on it’s own. But for someone who is not into holistic or natural remedies… I think the cream could have worked. I never had any x-rays done, not before or after the pain, or know what was causing the pain. I wish I had, though. Maybe you can partner with someone who does x-rays for comparison for before and after.

    Janet (store manager)

    I love AllerKream and this has been my experience with it.  I had a toe that was red  and I could not put a shoe on due to the pain.  I noticed the AllerKream  on my vanity and thought I would try it and it felt so much better the first night! The second night was even better and the redness was going away.  By the third night it was no longer red or painful!
    My upper arm was so painful recently. I could not turn over while sleeping without waking up so I started using the AllerKream on it  the last couple of nights. I still have a little pain, but it has only been three nights.  I am totally convinced it is due to the AllerKream that I am able to move my arm at all as before  I used the AllerKream, I had very limited use of my arm due to the pain. AllerKream has definitely been incredible in helping get rid of my pain!

    Anita T

    I have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome which casues severe tingling, burning and pain. I tried Allerrream once a day before I put the wrist brrace back on. That was 2 weeks ago. II still tingling but have had no burning or pain in my thumb and fingers. I can use that hand more efficiently now. AllerKream works better than any other cream I used.

    bh160 (verified owner)

    My husband bought some AllerKream for me because I have been having pains on the tops of my feet. I used a pain patch but that caused skin irritation. I have been using AllerKream on the tops of my feet 2 times a day and the skin is clear and the pain is subsiding. Highly recommend!

    John Zondlo

    I have had a persistent rash in my ear that causes itching. I have used various OTC ointments, which provide temporary relief, but has not cured it. I tried Allerkream. After 2 weeks of using it, the itching is gone – finally! Another great product! Thank you!


    I, male, 60yo, had severe shoulder pain and had difficulty to put on my backpack. On the first day of using AllerKream, it.seemed the pain relieved slightly, I was not sure. On the second day, I was certain the pain relief was obvious. on the third day, it was almost gone. My minor difficulty in urination also improved within a week. Amazing poduct.

    Martin Witt

    I used AllerKream at first to test on a dark mole like bump on my neck. 1/4″ in diameter with a 1/8 dome protrusion. In 3 weeks it disappeared.
    I also used for arthritic pain in my shoulder, I’m now pain free.
    It works, I will continue to use everyday.
    Thank you team AllerKream

    Pam Lanham

    My friend,Karen, sent me a jar of the AllerKream, and my daughter and I both tried it and was amazed at how quickly it worked, within just a minute or two there was relief. I am off my morphine patch because the AllerKream worked so well to relieve the rheumatoid arthritis pain in my hand.

    Karen (verified owner)

    I used AllerKream on a red, bumpy spot on the too of my hand. I had been using other creams and it just got worse. Within 2 days of using AllerKream, it was almost gone! Saved me a trip to the dermatoIogist. I also used it for “tech neck” aching and received instant relief!

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