My name is Dr. Cliff Han, Founder & CEO of AllerPops! AllerPops safely and naturally support a balanced immune system around the airway by providing the immune with system-calming oral probiotics.  Now more than ever, it is important to support your body’s natural immune defenses and AllerPops supports us by providing beneficial bacteria to the body. 

Our AllerPops are made with natural, diverse, and expertly formulated ingredients to provide respiratory and stress support. This patented formula contains all the nutrients necessary to grow probiotics that naturally benefit the airway.  The mouth and throat are the gateways to the rest of the body, so the health of the oral probiotics is just as important for overall health and physical well-being. 

As you may have heard, we’re raising capital via an equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder! In today’s blog, I will cover everything you need to know about crowdfunding and our current raise.


Regulation Crowdfunding and Title III of the JOBS Act


Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) is a new way for startups to raise capital by selling securities through crowdfunding. In the past, a startup could only offer and sell its securities to accredited investors, and then only if it complied with complex federal and state registration requirements.


Before the JOBS Act, venture capitalists and angel investors who had a net worth of $1M or an annual income of $200K had a monopoly on pre-IPO investment opportunities in early stage startups. The average shareholder could not take part in these high-risk, high-reward investments.


Once the JOBS Act was passed, this all changed.


Now, just about anybody can have access to these potential high-growth opportunities, and normal people are able to share in the success of these new and exciting ventures!


The new regulations surrounding Title III of the JOBS Act have gone into effect, enabling companies to raise up to $5 million annually, as opposed to the previous maximum amount of $1.07 million.

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AllerPops is not only a revolutionary product but also a movement for probiotics awareness in the mouth and airway. When faced with threats, your immune system may not respond quickly, especially if you are unprepared. Amidst our busy lives, our bodies often have to redirect energy and resources normally reserved for immunity to support.


 As one customer/investor put it, “We raise awareness of probiotics in the mouth to the level of probiotics in the gut.” To find out how you can invest in us and learn about everything AllerPops, please visit our WeFunder raise page. Don’t miss out on anything our campaign has to offer; add us to your watchlist today!