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A Father’s Solution for a Suffering Son… and World

After watching my son, like 50 million others in the United States, suffer from allergies, I decided to turn my attention toward finding a cure. Having a medical background and an interest in research, I explored the causes of allergies. I myself suddenly developed allergies in 2014, even though I had lived in the same area for many years without experiencing allergy symptoms. With my 22 years of experience as a biologist, I was able to scientifically study and document my own allergic reactions in order to better understand the human body’s response to allergens.

As one of the most prevalent chronic health problems for humans, allergic reactions are among the most common immunological diseases. The U.S. has more than 50 million people suffering from allergies each year, making allergies the sixth leading cause of chronic illness. I conducted research that led me to conclude that a lack of “good” bacteria in the mouth and airways leads to allergic reactions, and so I began developing a product to correct the problem. As a result, AllerPops was developed… a delicious and revolutionary product. 


A New Approach to Allergy Relief

Approximately 300 million US people could benefit from AllerPops to prevent allergies. We have been granted seven patents since the development of AllerPops, which protect both the composition of our lollipops and the method they use. As a result of our product development and market testing, we have generated more than $230K in revenue. During the last several years, we have been focusing primarily on research and development. As part of our plan to expand our market reach, we plan to sell to wholesalers like Walmart and other retailers, which will streamline the process of reaching a larger group of customers. We want to make AllerPops available and affordable for allergy sufferers everywhere!

Invest In A New Era Of Medicine

AllerPops is enabling millions of people to live allergy-free lives. With an astounding 94.5% efficacy rate, more than ten thousand customers have been satisfied. We are grateful to the investors who contributed to the clinical trials that proved AllerPops is an effective allergy treatment. 

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