The Cure For Allergies

Dr. Han was invited to be a guest on the Future Hacker Podcast with Maria Taiichi. Watch the clip and learn more about the story behind AllerPops and his journey to developing a treatment for allergies. Here are some of the highlights…

Search For A Sneezy Solution 

The AllerPops lollipop is designed to treat allergies by correcting the underlying cause, helping millions of allergy sufferers worldwide. Despite popular belief, seasonal allergies are not caused by pollen, mold, or dust but by a hypersensitive immune system. Allergies are caused by a deficiency of good bacteria in the mouth or a lack of oral probiotics. With AllerPops, beneficial oral probiotics are reintroduced to the body safely and naturally. 


What led to the creation of this all-natural allergy-relieving lollipop? As with the 50 million allergy sufferers in the United States, Dr. Han and his infant son were also affected by allergies. As a result, Dr. Han decided to use himself as a lab guinea pig, testing different saliva samples and observing whether oral hygiene was associated with allergies. After years of research, Cliff Han discovered that the oral microbiome contributes to allergies, and reintroducing the beneficial oral probiotics to the body helps fight them, leading him to develop AllerPops. 

Invest In A Medical Revolution

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