Current allergy solutions are a temporary fix that only mask symptoms. Our all-natural oral prebiotic supplement pinpoints the root cause and balances the immune system, significantly cutting down dose usage and leading to long-term allergy relief.


We wanted to give a brief overview of our market opportunity.

What We’re Contributing to the Market 


We’ve expanded our wholesale distribution with regional independent pharmacy partnerships and continue to increase online sales through the AllerPops site and Amazon!


Market Stats:


  • 50M in the US can enjoy our allergy relief pops and get relief for months to years.
  • 300M people in the US can prevent allergies using AllerPops.


Why people are investing in AllerPops:


  • Filed 5 international patent applications.
  • 6 patents issued from the USPTO, one from Australia.
  • 10,000+ customers are satisfied, and we have a 94.5% efficiency rate.
  • Generated $230K+ revenue during our product development and market test.

Thank You For Your Time!

We’re currently holding an equity crowdfunding raise on Wefunder. With your investment, we can fund our mission to help the 50M+ people that suffer from airborne