AllerPops is a breakthrough product for allergy relief which contains natural, varied, and expertly-formulated ingredients that provide respiratory and stress support. The patented formulation contains complete nutrition for probiotics that inhabit the airway in their natural state. Through breathing, speaking, and eating, it travels from the mouth to other parts of the airway. These beneficial bacteria, the original intermediary between you and nature, alleviate respiratory discomforts and irritations.


Top Investment Reasons


✔️AllerPops contain an expertly formulated formula for probiotic support and are backed by 28 years of biomedical research.


✔️During the product development and market test, AllerPops generated revenue in excess of $230,000. With a satisfaction rate of 94.5%, 10,000 customers have actively benefited from our revolutionary product.


✔️AllerPops is ideally positioned to capitalize on the market of fifty million allergy sufferers in the United States, and three hundred million Americans can use the product to prevent allergies.


✔️AllerPops has filed five international patent applications and holds six USPTO-issued patents and one from Australia.


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