AllerPops’s revolutionary lollipop is gaining a lot of attention thanks to its safe, natural support for the good bacteria necessary for balancing the immune system. By addressing the root cause of allergic rhinitis, allergy relief has been changed forever – and entirely through the use of FDA-approved ingredients.

Read on to explore how AllerPops is working together with our investors to liberate millions from the US and the 2 BILLION worldwide who suffer from allergies.

50+ Million Americans Suffer from Allergies Each Year

Like 50 million Americans, my family and I have suffered from allergies for years, enduring sleepless nights taking care of our son. A common treatment for the symptoms is the use of steroids or antihistamines. However, these medications have unpleasant side effects that can persist over time. After three years of various trials and tests, I concluded that the underlying cause of my allergy is a lack of good bacteria in my mouth, known as probiotics, that produce metabolites.  As a result of several doses of AllerPops, the probiotics come back up and balance your immune system, thus resolving the cause of allergy symptoms.


The Probiotic Solution 

Steroids and antihistamines provide temporary relief for a few hours, but AllerPops provide long-term relief for months. 


Approximately $18 Billion are spent in the United States each year on allergy relief medication, and 60 percent of that population would prefer to use natural products instead. We conducted a clinical trial involving 72 participants in a double-blinded, controlled and randomized study, which confirmed the effectiveness of AllerPops. AllerPops now has seven patents granted and more than 10,000 satisfied customers. 

World-Changing Medical Advancements

What is the future of AllerPops? In the next several years, we plan to reach the shelves of major retailers such as Walgreens and Walmart. As part of our product line, we also intend to offer toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, which will promote healthy teeth and gums as well as cure allergies.

AllerPops is a scientific and medical breakthrough!

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