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Cold, Cold Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day

It is winter and it is cold. It is the season to get a cold.

On average, adults catch a cold two to three times a year. People older than sixty years old have an average of one cold in a year.

Dena, who goes to my church, had a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago. She looked under the weather when we met before our children’s Sunday worship. Her low and hoarse voice told the tale her cold.

“Can I tell you a way to get rid of a cold quickly after the lesson?” I offered.

“Ok, thank you.”

The common cold is virus infection in the upper airway. It has mostly local symptoms of runny nose, cough, nasal congestion. Those viruses rarely cause whole-body symptoms such as fever. The problem is, without a fever, your immune system will not function well.

According to our study recently released, fever is a necessary switch to remove the brake of our immune system.

How does the immunity defend us?

Our immune system is like a car with an accelerator to speed it up and brakes to slow it down. Pathogens stimulate the immune system so it can protect us from diseases and probiotics (friendly bacteria) slow it down when there is no infection. Like the car, our immune system stays calm most of the time with the brake — our probiotics applied. Severe infections usually produce pyrogen, a substance that causes the body temperature to increase. The optimal growth temperature for the probiotics in the upper airway is between 30-37°C. Our normal body temperature is at the upper end of the optimal range. The increased body temperature inhibits the probiotics and thus removes the brake to the immune system.

Do you want to become the few who know this God’s secret? You may read the article here, https://allerpops.com/oral-probiotic-deficiency-may-cause-common-allergies/.

Cold viruses are not strong pathogens and don’t induce fever. That means your immune system is running like a car with the brake applied. That is why the common cold may last for several weeks before a full recovery.

With the guide of our theory, it is possible to remove the immune brake when we have a cold so our body can fight back.

All you need to do to get rid of your cold fast is to have a bowl ginger soup daily. It works best if you have it right before bed.

1.     Wipe your tongue with a wet washcloth to remove the while/yellow biofilm.

2.     Breathe the steam of hot ginger soup and then drink slowly.

3.     Keep yourself warm.

4.     Eat less fiber.

Recipe for ginger soup:

  1.  One ounce of fresh ginger.
  2.  Slice ginger into thin pieces.
  3.  Combine 2-3 cups of water and ginger in a pot.
  4.  Quickly heat to a boil.
  5.  Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

Dena did this for three days and felt much better on Thursday. By the time I saw her the next Sunday, her cold was gone.

Several months ago, I prevented a full-blown cold after I did the procedure at the first signs of a cold.

Will you try this procedure? Let me know how it works for you.

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