When allergy season blows in and the misery begins, people tend to blame the pollen, the mold, the grass and the leaves for their symptoms. But while it makes sense to blame the allergens in the air for your allergies, it’s possible to blame it on the LOVE that’s in the air.

I’m not saying that you’re actually allergic to love

… but have you ever noticed how people who have a date lined up or want to ask for a date start to brush their teeth more often? Not only that, but they get so worried that their breath might smell that they start to buy more powerful toothpastes, tongue scrapers, and mouthwashes that kill more germs.

According to the Theory of Negative Triggers (the scientific theory that made it possible for Dr. Cliff Han to develop AllerPops) excessive oral hygiene can lead to the development of allergy symptoms. This is why common allergies usually develop in early age, reach their peak between teen years and age 30 and often reduce or disappear afterward.

Think of it as “romance induced allergies.”

You see when Dr. Han first started to search for a better way to gain control of seasonal allergies he found a connection between friendly oral bacteria and seasonal allergies.

Dr. Han discovered that allergic reactions are the result of not having enough oral (not gut) probiotics. Probiotics are as important to your oral/nasal cavities as they are to gut health. AllerPops® will create a natural balance within your oral/nasal area. AllerPops are food for probiotics that will bring your body into balance. These probiotics produce metabolites – biological signals that tell the immune system to calm down. Without those metabolites, your immune system is on constant alert (in other words… you have allergies).

AllerPops encourage these probiotics to grow and remain healthy.

Han said, “The purpose of oral hygiene is to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but not to completely sanitize your mouth. Bacteria are a necessary component of the human body. When you clear bacteria out of space, other bacteria will come. If there is livable space, bacteria will be there. The question is, do you want helpful bacteria or harmful bacteria to be in your mouth?”

But what about your good-night-kiss breath?

“Pleasing your date might be a logistic reason for temporary excessive oral hygiene. Feeding your oral probiotics properly with AllerPops afterward may prevent you from having ‘romance induced allergies’,” Han added. AllerPops are designed to provide the food and nutrients that enrich the right kind of bacteria in your mouth.