Rising Concern For Health

Venture capitalists are focused on the next big thing: dietary supplements. VCs invested $488 million in probiotic companies and other supplement startups in 2021, five times what they invested five years earlier. Savvy investors are putting millions of dollars into companies that manufacture probiotic pills and capsules filled with plant extracts. We have entered an era where human health is on the defensive, saturated by harmful additives which cause diseases and the overuse of antibiotics to cure illnesses. A recent study indicates that Gen Z is more concerned about their health than Boomers, realizing the importance of their health, eating natural products, and returning to a more balanced state.


Listen to Your Gut

In recent decades, allergies have increased in prominence as a public health concern, negatively impacting the quality of life of those who suffer from them. Allerpops recognized that allergy sufferers wanted to be less reliant on over-the-counter and prescription medications, attempting to avoid dependency and harmful side effects associated with them. 


Allerpops has created a delicious lollipop infused with prebiotics and nutrition for probiotics, which can be used as a preventative or therapeutic method for allergy symptoms. Using FDA-approved, expertly formulated ingredients to revolutionize allergy relief by addressing the root cause of allergic rhinitis, AllerPops provide safe and natural support for the good bacteria in the body. 

Invest In Allerpops

There are over 50 million people in the United States who suffer from allergies, which cost an estimated $18 billion each year. Allerpops aims to make a difference in the lives of millions with its US-patented products. 


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