Disclaimer: This blog is written based on our study that has not been accepted by the mainstream yet. It is not intended to replace the advice and consultation with a medical doctor. We invite you to examine the study and discuss it with your doctor before doing anything with it. We claim no financial interest for the potential benefit of the information and assume no responsibility for any adverse results due to improper use of the information.

You Can Beat COVID-19 (Update)

(This blog is NOT to promote AllerPops that cannot treat or prevent airway infection, including COVID-19. We hope this information will help you to get through this pandemic with less difficulties. The author is a former medical doctor and a biologist.)

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 now officially a pandemic, I want to tell you again that you can beat the virus if you apply the preventive and treatment suggestions in the previous article. In this update, I want to emphasize a couple of points in that article and give you more details about the guidelines.

Before start, I want to tell you again, and all the preventive measures can be found in traditions here or in other parts of the world. I unite them here based on the theory from my recent study.

The first point I want to expand is keeping yourself warm. Your airway defense system is more robust when your airway temperature is higher. I explained this in previous writing, and it is confirmed by common sense: the flu and common cold happen more in the winter. COVID-19 infection is less severe in countries with hot weather where they use less air-conditioning. Therefore, one of the simplest way to protect vulnerable people is to raise thermostats in nursing houses and hospitals.

How much should you raise the thermostats? It depends on your tolerance and the utility cost you can take. A reasonable suggestion is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The second point to stress is that you do not have start to do the preventive measure now and every day until the end of the pandemic. The procedure almost starts to work immediately. You can do it just before (if you know) and after you did the high-risk activity, such as going to a social event. Then keep doing it for a couple of days and stop it if nothing happens.

Third, do not use pills to kill your fever if you get infected. Keeping a moderate fever will boost your immune system, so it will be ready to have a good fight. People found ibuprofen make the infection worse, but suggested that you use a different pill to lower your temperature. Don’t listen to this advice because they do not know the underlying cause for their observations. Instead of taking pills, use physical means indicated in the previous article to control your fever at a moderate level, not above 103/104 degrees.

Fourth, boosting your immune system around the guts will likely be more critical for COVID-19 than flu because COVID-19 can potentially damage the kidney, heart, and other organs resulting in severe complications. Maintaining a more vigilant immune system in the stomach may prevent these complication from happening.

Fifth, please continue the preventive measures for 1-2 weeks during recovery if you get infected. There are observations of relapse of the disease within a short time. The first recovery may be the result of innate immune system function and happened before acquired immune system can generate specific antibodies against the virus. The recovery is not complete. And the residue virus cause relapse when conditions are right. Since it is hard to know what kind of recovery you achieved, keeping your immune system at a higher alert level for a week or two might help your body to clean the residue virus and prevent relapse.

Finally, though the national emergency has become official, there is no reason to panic. Stay home if you do not have to go. Stay home if you have mild flu-like symptoms. You do not have to test for the virus, because you’ll only exhaust yourself and the service system. Flu and Covid-19 can be treated the same way if it’s mild. Following these suggestions will help you beat the virus.

I’ll see you in the summer, which hopefully will bring a pause or end to the pandemic.

Which one do you think it will be: a pause, end, or neither?