You may try one of the three suggestions or any combination of them:

First, You may use a more intensive procedure by sucking AllerPops for two hours during each use. That may need 2-3 pops.

Second, likely, your own beneficial microbiota power has plateaued. However, a healthy family member who is allergy free may provide a solution! That person can donate his or her healthy saliva by sucking on the next AllerPop for two minutes before you do. Weird? We know!  Go ahead and try it!

Third, you may gradually reduce your oral hygiene routine in order to bolster your oral probiotics (good bacteria).

Follow this example of a reduced oral hygiene routine during your allergy season and while completing the use of AllerPops:

Monday, brush the left exterior surface.
Tuesday, brush the right exterior surface.
Wednesday, brush the left biting surface.
Thursday, brush the right biting surface.
Friday, brush the left interior surface.
Saturday, brush the right interior surface.
Sunday, floss all gaps.

*Toothpaste is optional. Warm water will provide better results. Please discuss with your dentist if you have special dental needs.