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These conditions may worsen aireborn allergies: Food allergies. Especially wheat/gluten. Avoid those types of foods. Irritable bowl syndrome. Work with your doctor. Leaky gut AllerSips® View Product Improves nasal microbiota I have partial relief AllerPops® Gum for temporary relief View Product Sign up for updates We will keep you posted as new products and studies arise Sign up for Updates Use AllerSips® before AllerPops® Please make sure no excessive oral hygiene and no antibiotics View Product View Product

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AllerPops® Lozenges


  • Builds A Probiotic Foundation for Lasting Health: Probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids to keep our immune system peaceful. It was previously known probiotics live in the gut. Now, we find humans have probiotics in the airway and skin.
  • Enriches Your Oral Probiotics: AllerPops support the airway beneficial bacteria. Our prebiotics contain natural ingredients which will let you stay clear and sharp throughout your day. Most people would need to take 1-6 pops within 1-11 days to get satisfying results.
  • Natural Prebiotic Supplements for Women, Men, and Kids: AllerPops provides respiratory stress support with expertly formulated and natural ingredients which provide complete nutrition for probiotics that live in the airway and mouth.
  • Immunity Cross-reaction: Immune system in the gut, airway and skin can cross react remotely. You need sufficient probiotics in all three locations for your health. Check our website for other supporting products.
  • We’re Here for You: We love our product, and we hope you’ll love it too! If you’re not happy or satisfied with AllerPops, we offer a 30-day return policy so you can try it risk-free.
  • Weight: 4.6 oz
  • Dimensions: 6 × 4.6 × .75 in

AllerPops® makes peace between you and mother nature.

Peace with pollen.

Peace with pets.

Peace with dust.

Peace with mold.

…but most importantly, peace with yourself.

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    Shirley W. (store manager)

    Have a bad time with Allergies .need something new. That works.

    Martin Witt

    I suffered allergies for 60 years and tried all the medicines that only mask the symptoms. 4 years ago it all changed for the better. How? I tried AllerPops and
    it’s been four years living allergy free. Why? AllerPops corrects the root cause of allergies. It’s true, they work.
    You must have family, friends try this solution. No one needs to suffer anymore from those debilitating allergy symptoms we can all Live Allergy Free, thank you, AllerPops.

    Grigore Hreniuc

    After many years of allergies this year for the first time, I got relief with Allerpops

    Maria Monica Ortiz

    I used allerpops for the first time in early spring and I could not get over how well I felt. I garden all spring and summer and fall and it really helped. I just complete my second box for the fall and already am doing great.
    Thanks for this help.


    very good

    David Garratt

    I’ve suffered from allergies all my life but now, just after 2 allerpops I can actually breath through my nose for the first time. It seems like a miracle! Thank you Allerpops!!!!!!

    Lance Shaffer

    My wife and two children started using AllerPops in late March here in Northern Virginia. Last year they spent much of the spring inside due to the pollen and allergies. Allerpops have enabled us to spend nearly everyday outside at parks, bike rides, tennis courts, etc. We have been keeping a short journal to note the difference AllerPops are making! My wife and 12-year old have been lifetime sufferers of allergies to include weekly shots for many, many years and even occasional trips to the emergency room. It is very clear that Allerpops are the difference maker. We followed Dr. Han’s guidance for taking AllerPops and the results have been incredible!


    I started using Allerpops on Tuesday, Feb 9th, after receiving them in the mail. Monday night I had been having a terrible time with post nasal drainage and was snoring very loudly, but didn’t want to use the Atrovent spray I had because it made me feel very irritable.
    I used one of the Allerpops on 2/9, 2/11, 2/13, and 2,15 and also used Flonase nasal spray twice a day. during that time. I had noticeable relief from my symptoms after the first Allerpop, but decided to do a few more days. On 2/16 I quit using the Flonase and didn’t really have symptoms until 2/19 when I had slight symptoms so used another one.. I have also stopped using toothpaste because I used it once the first week and had issues with allergy symptoms the very next day.
    I finally used another Allerpop on 2/23 because I started sneezing on 2/22 and sneezed a few times on 2/23. I received immediate relief after using the Allerpop.
    I have had almost no post nasal drip and stopped snoring. Even my dry eyes seem to be better. I have now used 6 of the 12 Allerpops and hope my allergy symptoms will not come back. I think it’s a great product!

    Julie Gayner

    I just realized that I haven’t had any problems with my food allergies for months. I purchased AllerPops about 6 months ago, and I think they work really well. I talked with Dr. Han at the time, and he didn’t give me much hope that they would work for food allergies, but I gave them a try anyway. Since then he has updated his website with food allergy information. I’m here to tell you, they DO work for food allergies! I drank wine and beer over the holidays (it used to send me off in a sneezing fit), and felt fine! My eyes haven’t been swollen either, and it used to happen regularly, nor have I had any stomach troubles. I haven’t been brave enough to try seafood yet, but we are a long way from the ocean (Northern New Mexico), so I probably won’t, haha.


    Love, love, love AllerPops!! They work like no other. Thank you!!!


    I was thinking to good to be true. WHAT THE HECK, The pops are not expensive and there is nothing to lose, I’ll give them a try.

    After several failed attempts to follow instructions (my fault) I finally got what I believed was the proper application.

    I discovered that my allergies, though not gone, the frenquincy of attacks is much less and so much less sever.

    Years later and without additional applications (I still have 3 pops left) I’m still finding my attacks are less frequent and much less sever.

    I highly recommend this treatment!!!


    Nan Zhou

    Living in the southwest, the juniper pollen here is horrendous, especially around March, which turn my favorite season into a miserable experience. Sneezing, clogged sinuses, which impacted my sleep and seriously degraded my quality of life. On the recommendation of friends. I tried out this product in February, before the allergy season. I have to say, this product works extremely well for me. What was severe allergy symptoms became quite manageable. It gave me back my favorite season!

    I do think the product may work better before the start of allergy season. Much easier to clam your immune system down before allergens caused it to be inflamed.


    These worked well for me! It took a few days to see the results. I cannot stress enough that you must follow the directions! After using them, it is critical that you cut back on cleaning the inside of your mouth. Overbrushing kills the organisms in your mouth that these pops are designed to feed and subsequently protect you. I switched to a warm water bush after meals and with toothpaste once a day. Alergy free over a week!

    Lastly, if you’re worried about the taste, it’s not half bad. If you’re looking for a sugar high, go buy yourself a box of dum-dums.

    Phil Bigelow

    This works so well for me!

    I heard about AllerPops in the local news. I live about 30 minutes from Los Alamos where this company is located. I’ve had serious juniper allergies for many years. Some days allergies would be so bad I would feel terrible. I’ve tried many remedies with some relief but not long lasting enough. I’ve tried AllerPops 3 times, along with the brushing that’s recommended. I feel much, much better. Allergy symptoms have decreased 95%. Sounds crazy but they have worked for me!

    Ross W.

    Do work, but you have to commit.

    I think these pops and the theory of good bacteria in the mouth and gut definitely works. The problem most people likely run into is using toothpastes and other dental product that wipe the bacteria right back out. Case in points, I found that my allergies were much less noticeable when I was carefully to use dental product that did not detrimental effect on my oral bacteria, after using the pops.


    They work! Seriously, no joke. If you suffer from allergies, I highly recommend you try these-

    Husband suffers from year round allergies. Once he started this product, he was able to stop allergy pills in hopes of giving himself a break until spring when allergies really kick into another level. Kind of pricy but compared to all of the allergy pills we purchase, not too bad.

    Mary C Baker

    I have suffered with allergies all my adult life!

    I don’t want to jinx myself but these worked a miracle for me with my allergies. I have had trouble with allergies all my adult life. I heard about these and was very leery because I have tried so many things. out of desperation I ordered and I have major relief from my allergies. They are not gone but are tolerable. I highly recommend these.


    No Joke, this stuff works!

    My 11 year old daughter has severe allergies to many things. none of the prescribed medicines seems to help much. Saw this and thought why not, tried everything else. Now she is not cured, but her symptoms are significantly reduced and she can enjoy life a bit more now. Also met the Dr who invented these and he is a really nice guy and truly wants to help people.


    Allergy Free

    There are amazing. I’ve never been allergy free and I love that now I’m able to be. I don’t have to worry about taking a daily pill to be outside.

    AllerPops Customer


    This is not easy to prepare for but it is worth the effort. Had to use it 3 times and have no problems. First time in 4 years I can enjoy the summer.


    I was tired of trying all kinds of remedies to stop my stuffy nose at night, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try AllerPops. After 5 pops, I can breath at night again. I hadn’t slept so good in a long time.

    Juliana Rabe

    Damn Miracle

    I Just don’t have enough nice things to say about this product and its developer. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your are truly giving people their lives back. My experience with AllerPops has been nothing short of a miracle. I still can’t get over how simple and immediate it is. Of course it was this easy. All those allergy pills, steroids, toxic antihistamines, trips to the allergist, shots. NEVER AGAIN. My only complaint is they haven’t developed anything like this for food allergies yet. Bueller?

    Christine G.

    Final relief

    I have finally experienced allergy relief after using AllerPops for about three weeks. I highly recommend this product, but be sure to follow the instruction carefully for the fullest allergy relief.

    Ann McGaugh

    I used allerpops For allergies and related sinus issues. I have been very pleased and have greatly reduced allergy symptoms including red eyes, and no sinus congestion over the last three months since taking allerpops. I recommend allerpops to anyone with these conditions.

    Ed Martinez

    Was convinced nothing worked…UNTIL!

    I live part-time in California and part-time in New Mexico. When traveling to New Mexico in April, I encountered the most intense allergies I’ve had in years. Nothing worked. I took over the counter pills, nasal spray’s anything that would offer relief. I was sharing my frustration with a friend who asked if I used AllerPop’s and raved about them. I asked if she had one to give share while I ordered my supply. I went home, follow the direction to a T and waited. The next morning, I woke up significantly better. Not 100% but noticeably better. My shipment arrived and after following the instruction, had another AllerPop. By the third day, I was feeling 90% better. I could breathe again. the itch eyes were gone. the sore throat was greatly reduced and I was no longer sneezing. I was thrilled with the product and will keep a supply on hand from here forward. While the prep is extensive, the results are well worth it.


    Allergy relief the natural way

    TO START WITH: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw an ad for these AllerPops… I have bad seasonal pollen allergies – especially Juniper, Cottonwood, Chamisa and ragweed. I bought these and decided to give them a chance because I was tired of taking a medication every day.

    This is really amazing way to get rid of allergies long term (they say for the season etc). It takes a little bit more time then just grabbing a pill and swallowing – you need to go through their routine of brushing teeth, wiping tongue, rinsing with hot/warm water, then let the AllerPop dissolve in you mouth for 1 hour. It’s NOT hard, but you need to do this correctly for it to work. When you do this correctly, the pops don’t just get rid of your allergies for a day, but for a season. I didn’t have an issue with the timing. Plus you’re only suppose to do this every other day, so you can do on the days you’re able to.

    I recommend following the instruction really well when using them – you’re suppose to remove the “bio-film” on the tongue, so don’t skip the steps or the product might not work. I used a hoot washcloth when wiping my tongue – not a soft one or paper towel, but one that would actually remove the bio film (scratchy). The “set up” process of getting your mouth ready, only takes about 7 mins. So, it’s not an issue – then I would keep the pop in my mouth while doing chores, working at the computer, or other activities. It’s super easy! My dad remarried that he did it while he was gardening:) The taste is pretty good too – It doesn’t taste artificial either which is a plus! It has a more natural taste to it.

    I started in late winter – early spring and noticed a change within two AllerPops. After two times my sinuses were much better and I wasn’t sneezing anymore. I told my dad, who also has horrible allergies and he tried a couple of mines and then bought his own box of them. So far they are working great! I have only used 4 of these so far and didn’t feel like I needed to use more yet – but I have a bunch left over for when I need more relief! My allergies seem to be worse during Juniper season and then end of Summer (ragweed bloom), so I will be happy to keep some on hand if the need arises.

    I’m really glad to have found a natural way to help alleviate my allergies. Before the pops, I was taking Benedryl every night and something else during the day – now I’m not taking anything. Before these I had considered getting the allergy therapy shots – which are super expensive and I’m not a fan of needles. At first I wasn’t sure about these due to the price, but the price is NOTHING compared to how much money you’ll save on medication and other techniques.

    Vince Gallegos

    I was tired of trying all kind of remedies to stop my stuffy noose at night. So I thought it won’t hurt to try AllerPops. After 5 pops, I can breathe in the night again. I haven’t sleep so good in a long time.

    Rober Repass

    Last year, the Allerpops gave me a fever; this year, no fever…and the allergies are gone

    I had a cough for about 2 months total this year; couldn’t get rid of it. I went out of state for a week and the cough mysteriously disappeared…only to return once I got home.


    Last year, I had tried the Allerpops, and I did get a fever, which persisted because I used three Allerpops, not realizing that they had contributed to the fever. This year, because I determined that my allergies were a real problem, I decided to try the product again, since I really don’t like the idea of taking antihistamines regularly. Much to my surprise, I did not have any problem whatsoever with a fever. but my allergies disappeared. They are still gone two months later, and I have three doses left for the future should they return.

    I would recommend trying this product and if you are one of the few people who had a fever the first time you tried it, cautiously try it again. You may well not have any problem this time around.


    Really works!

    This is the only product I have ever used that has actually worked! And zero side effects! I used as directed and my allergy symptoms have almost completely disappeared! No more stuffy, runny nose and repeated sneezing. I only sneeze once or twice a day now and can enjoy ourdoor activities without having to repeatedly stop to sneeze and/or blow my nose. Very pleased with this product.

    AllerPops Customer

    Finally relief!

    These things are the best. Relief within two days.

    B. Desmond

    Miracle Drug!

    Suffer greatly from Juniper Pollen allergies. While in full allergy attack this year: sneezing, running nose, itchy eyes, feeling absolutely lousy… I followed the instructions by brushing my teeth, cleaning my tongue, and swooshing 120 degree water in mu mouth. Over 3 days, I had two suckers. All symptoms stopped after the first sucker. For me, it was/is truly a miracle drug!


    They worked for me

    I noticed a marked reduction in my symptoms the very next day. I have a little bit every 3 or 4 days just lick the sucker for maybe 5 minutes and then put it away for later.

    Thomas Griego

    AllerPops two thumbs up!

    I original purchased the AllerPops for my 13 year old son who lives in Texas. He has high functioning autism and has a real problem with taking any kind of medication. The fact that they are a gummy type of lollipop really caught my eye. But after using them I was really impressed. He went from a major runny nose and a hacking cough to nothing at all after the first pop. He has continued to use them on a one every two week cycle and has hardly had a sniffle since starting. I decided to get some for myself since I share his allergy symptoms. I’m a much bigger person than he is so naturally it has taken a bit more time and pop’s to work for me, but I am still astounded by how well they are working. I would definitely recommend AllerPops for anyone that suffers from allergies. They have been a god send for my son and I.


    It worked!

    Only 3 AllerPops and I have little to no reaction to juniper, which has been my nemesis every spring for years. Hooray and thanks for the relief, AllerPops.


    Very useful product for me.

    Very useful product for me. I suffered allergy every early spring, coughing, nasal congestion and irritated throat. I searched online and found this product, then bought it to have a try. I followed the instruction exactly for one week. It’s amazing! Lot’s of symptoms has relieved! I will continue to take it for another week.


    I am thrilled with these!

    My 5 year has had year round allergy issues since he was 9 months old. We did allergy shots for a year and he could only go two weeks before symptoms would return. We have done three rounds of the allerpops and have not done allergy shots or medication since starting. He is super happy to no longer need shots! Thank you so much!

    Benjamin Jarrett

    Blown Away

    I have had allergies since I was a child. I’m in my mid 40’s now. Over the years I have taken prescribed items as well as many natural items to try and combat allergies that last all year. Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sinus pressure – the usual. On the local news, I saw a story about the AllerPops. I looked at the product with great skepticism. How could something like this work? But willing to try anything to improve my situation I ordered a box. The instruction were simple enough to follow and I did as they recommended. I sued two pops in my first round. The first day I sued half my allergy medication and felt fine. Day two I sued no allergy medication and felt fine. I went two two weeks with no allergies. I was dumbfounded. I decided to repeat the procedure again just for good measure. Not sure I needed to. It’s now been more than a month and I am allergy free. Not a little free, but a lot free! I understand the concept and the science, but how it works so fast and effectively is beyond me. I am blown away by this product and immensely appreciative.

    David L Hill

    So far so good.

    Seems to work better than anything else I have tried. My don’t have to blow my nose for a couple of hours in the mornings when I get up. Only did One two pop treatment.

    Nate Faria

    My six years granddaughter had allergies for five years and started to take allergy shots this year. I bought a box of AllerPops for her a couple of months ago. She has done two rounds with the AllerPops and has not needed her allergy shots at all since starting this. She has been a bit congested this past week, so we did the third round yesterday morning. Overall, I am loving AllerPops and thrilled that they are giving Cindy the relief she needs. Allergy shots were not working much for her. I have been recommending my friends and family about this product.


    These things literally may have just saved my life and the welfare of my family.

    First ever product review for me… but this product may have saved a downward spiral. Single mom, laid off from work earlier this year. Sinuses left both ears clogged. No insurance. Couldn’t HEAR to go to job interviews or do a job. My quality of life was horrid, and it broke my heart for my family. Well, child, dog, and cat. I found these. Couldn’t afford them, especially after hundreds spent on every cleanse and homeopathic solution under the sun and HOURS spent on research to heal myself. Finally ordered them. I will need more than 1 round and the instruction say it can take up to 4 rounds. They arrived yesterday and so I followed the rather different instruction to a t. 3 lollipops. After round 1 today, are definitely felling less pressure. Fall is my worst allergy time of year, and so the inflammation was making everything completely miserable this last week. I was against a wall and in despair. However, notably, they aren’t getting additional cloggage brought on by fall allergies for the first time in days. I’ll take that as a win! $40 is well worth it and I wish I had found these sooner!

    The treatment really isn’t that time consuming. 15 minutes prep and then I did the pops while cleaning the house. No sweat. I’ll do that all day long for the severity of allergy issue I was dealing with. Taste – It’s not a sugary lollipop, but it’s medication for my health, so I’m more concerned about it working… and it isn’t terrible, just unique although not strong and offensive. I’m glad to find these and look forward to seeing what another 2 rounds does!

    G. Jennings

    They worked for me

    I’d guess my allergies were around a 3.5 or 4 (scale 1-5), anyway annoying, hard to ignore and interfering with thing I’d like to do. I followed the instruction exactly last Saturday 9/8/2018, consuming 4 allerpops in 2 hours at the end of the process that afternoon. I’d say the allergies subsided to around a 1.5 to 2 within 1-2 days. Easy to live with. Still not completely gone. Debating about doing another round, but not yet. VERY noticeably better. The instruction were easy to understand. They have a great product here. Do definitely recommend allerpops to others. They worked for me.

    Part two, about the 3rd day I had a bad relapse. Lost sleep. Waited another several days and repeated treatment. Similar results, but the second treatment stayed on. My life is a lot better because the allergies are back down to a low level, way below the threshold of annoying. Conclusion: Yes they works. It’s September 20, fall allergy season here in Kansas, and the allergy reduction has held this time. This prebiotic approach may not be what typical big Pharma solutions promise – total healing like an on/off light switch- but it worked quite well for me. No side effects. No drug workarounds. Putting my good microbes to work. Five star, Yes.

    Knoze Jr customer


    I quit using toothpaste and sucked on three lollipops consecutively. The results wee mind boggling. boggling. My crusty nose and sinus drainage cleared within hours. But more important to me was the learning of a pain in my forehead region when I would get up from sitting position. This has bugged me for about 6 years. It would occur 2-10 times a day and nothing seemed to help it. The pain would go away in about 30 second if I would look down and lower my head. I also had great relief from the arthritis in my hands. I did take a second dose of three t weeks later but didn’t feel I really needed it.

    Justa Sal

    Great stuff

    I am breathing much easier. My allergies exacerbate my osteoarthritis so after using this product my joint pain has decreased. I hav more energy. I totally sold on this product.

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